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The new career opportunity for the future generation.

The game industry is growing and game companies are now looking for young and talented people that can help them produce the next big hit. Do you have a passion for games and dream about making games for a living? Is it possible for a guy or gal like you to be one of those lucky people who actually makes it? It is not only possible, but there has never been a better time to enter in to this multi billion dollar industry. But before you pursue a career as a game designer you’ll need the right training to get started.

Below are some of the best video game design schools and colleges in the US & Online that N4G has partnered with. If you want to find out more about this career opportunity you can fill out a short online form from each school and they will contact you with more information about taking a degree in game design.

Recommended Game Design Schools

DeVry University – Bachelor’s Degree, Game Programming
DeVry’s Game and Simulation Programming curriculum will prepare you for taking on various development roles in the game industry. These roles include programmer, software engineer, game designer and project coordinator.
Westwood College – Game Software Development
You can now take an education in game design through Westwood’s online program. If you are working towards a career in the game industry but don’t have any campuses nearby that offers any educational programs in game design or game software development, taking your game design degree online might be the best choice.

ITT Technical Institute
The ITT Technical Institute is one of the leading schools offering technology education. They have over 100 locations in 34 states and three online programs available in some of today’s hottest technical areas. If you plan to work with the production of games The ITT Technical Institute can give you an education that will prepare you for this. This has become one of the most popular schools listed on this page.

GameDesignDigital Media Arts College (DMAC)
3D computer animations are everywhere. You will find it in the latest movies, in TV shows and of course in computer and video games. The demand for skilled 3D animators is growing, and getting proper education is more important than ever for those seeking a career as a 3D computer animator and artist. Amongst the very best 3D computer animation schools is Digital Media Arts College (DMAC). Digital Media Arts College empowers you to expand your creative career-fast-only 3 years to a BFA, and 1-½ years to an MFA.

Study Game Design at Collins College
At Collins College you can take a Bachelor of Arts Game Design Degree (BA), and learn everything you need to start a career in the game industry. Their game design program covers everything from the planning of a game to the finished product.